Saying Goodbye to our Queen

By Rudi Liney

I first came to the UK from Germany, where I was born, in 1954 and learning about the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is one of my earliest memories of living here. After the Queen’s death, it seemed fitting to me that I should say my goodbyes. So I planned a visit to her Lying-in State. Well aware of the length of the queue, I booked a next day return ticket from Tunbridge Wells Station expecting an overnight trip.

Then fate intervened to make my visit easier and for me to make a new friend! I got talking to Jo, a disabled lady from Heathfield, who was making the same journey. She asked me if I would come along as her helper and I agreed. We travelled together by train and taxi and, as we entered by the disabled route, we had a shorter queue and a
superb view. The photo was taken from the same viewpoint as that from where we entered, but it was taken later from the television as no photos were allowed inside Westminster Hall. We shared a wonderful and moving experience and afterwards a meal together. Arriving back later at Tunbridge Wells, Jo drove me home and met my wife Anne. We have kept in touch and met for coffee and a chat in October. All in all a day to remember!