January 21 crossword answers

1. full up 4. care of 7. icon 9. naan 10. gathering 11. days 14. laughter 15. thank you 16. mate 20. chipolata 22. filo 23. upon 24. hamlet 25. ending
1. friend 3. party 4. choir 5. ring 6. funfair 8. resolution 13. whim 15 and 18. Twelfth Night 17. egg nog 19. dance 21, 20 and 12. Auld Lang Syne

September crossword solutions


8. cribbage  9. nuance  10. wrongdoing  11. tram  12. Utah  14. acers  16. Elba  17. imagery  19. pay heed  21. snow  22. wharf  23. poke  25. spry  26. hot curries  28. cluedo  29. easy shot


  1. dry roy  2. Oban  3. handbarrow  4. recipes  5. snug  6. battleship  7. scrabble  13. highwaymen  15. staff nurse  18. monopoly  20. yahtzee  24. keep on  26. hoot  27. risk

Kurling Group Picnic

Kurlers enjoying a picnic

A good time was had by all at our Kurling picnic. Arranged by Geoff and Heather at Helen Duncan’s fruit farm..
Lovely to meet up ,after so long, for a chat.

It is heartening to see that some groups are managing to arrange activities despite the current restrictions. 

Answers to the May crossword


9. elaborate 10. naïve 11. talking 12. tempest 13. is the 14. tie and dye 16. languor 18. macabre 20. disgusted 22. final 23. galleon 25. cagoule 27. eagle 28. lengthens


1. best 2. hailstones 3. mobile 4. laughter 5. beetle 6. mnemonic 7. fine 8. kettle 13. ill 15. debentures 17. ukuleles 18. medicine 19. eel 20. dagger 21. tangle 22. fights 24. logo 25. easy

New Facebook Group

Our Vice-Chairman Chris Rock has organised a Facebook Group for Pembury U3A members. This group has been set up to enable members to stay in touch during the current restrictions. You can apply to join the group by clicking this link

Painters are Busy!

Janet Richardson has sent me this picture demonstrating that despite the current restrictions our U3A painters are still busy producing art work. This seems an ideal time to get out the media and produce a new addition for your gallery. Talking of galleries we have picture galleries on our website and if the U3A artists would like to email me a picture of their latest creation I will gladly display it. The only restrictions are that it should have been created during the current lockdown and that you are a Pembury U3A member. My email address for entries is membership@pemburyu3a.org

Theatre Trip

The Theatre Group have obtained tickets to see The Prince of Egypt matinee at the Dominion Theatre on 10th September 2020.
The tickets cost £32.50 each.

If you are interested in joining this trip please contact one of the Theatre Group Leaders, Valerie Marianni, Bev Hougham or Sylvia Russell.