Climate Crisis Awareness – new Pembury U3A group

Pictures of Australia on fire and of unprecedented flooding in England have brought home the need to take notice of:

  • What’s going on – locally, nationally, globally
  • How can we help – personally or communally?
  • Who can help us to help?

The U3A has a growing Environmental Awareness on line network, with some 40 groups around the country. Few are in Kent, but coincidentally a group is also forming in Paddock Wood U3A. Contact has been established and both groups are open to sharing ideas and resources.

In fact, linking up with others (networking) is key to responding to the challenges we face and this struggle should not be left to Greta Thunberg or Extinction Rebellion and certainly not to our own grandchildren.

What will it take? What can we do? Well….lets find out! It will mean research (some on-line), with a willingness for individuals to contribute and share information informally. One U3A group has identified over 80 solutions/mitigations. It is intended that the Pembury U3A Climate Crisis Awareness Group will be closely aligned to the Science and Technology group.

Does anyone have (or know of anyone who has) expertise in this area of knowledge – we are on the lookout for speakers. Tunbridge Wells Borough Council are supposed to have set up a climate change task force to investigate and make recommendations but no word has yet been forthcoming.

If you are interested in joining the Pembury U3A Climate Crisis Awareness Group and you are a U3A member please contact me John Hawker (contact details from Jane Gardner).