Answers for the March crossword


  1. blossom   5. catkins   9. sold out   10. Chicago   11. lighter   13. trident   14. buds  15. antithesis  18. three clubs   20 lamb   22. high tea  23. recalls   26. avarice       27. primula  28. designs   29. takes in


  1. basil  2. obliged  3. scout  4. mat  5. cocktail bar   6. twilight  7. in a mess  8. shoot  12. ringleaders  14. bat  16. sob  17. nestling  19. ragbags  21. alliums  22. heard  24. chick  25. spawn  27. pat

New Research Guide

The Third Age Trust have issued a new 28 page guide entitled ‘Getting Involved in Research’. The Guide aims to encourage U3A members to get involved in research and provides the basic guidelines on developing a research project. To further demonstrate the interest in research we are directed to projects already in the National Research Database at

In the same vein, the South East Region Research meting will be held on 5th July at the Royal Holloway University of London in Egham. Cost £5. Places can be booked online or by calling 0208 4666139.

Review Your Internet Security

Time to Review Your Internet Security

The current trend for more and more organisations to operate mainly (or even exclusively) online means that we are forced to share some of our information via internet websites. Cyber criminals are keen to take advantage of this and we all need to be aware of the risks and how to avoid them.

By observing a few fairly simple rules we can very much decrease our chance of being ‘hacked’ and bring us some peace of mind while operating online.

In addition to the information below, the website at has very comprehensive advice to help you review and secure your system. Continue reading Review Your Internet Security