Cyber Crime

In these days of rapidly increasing Cyber Crime the presentation made  by Aimee Payne to a group of our members recently proved a valuable aid to helping us protect ourselves when we go online.

Aimee has provided a very useful document which lays out in very clear language what to look out for and how to avoid problems. A copy of this can now be viewed or downloaded using this link Little Book of Scams

Answers for the March 2019 crossword

1 cat 3 meditations 9 error free 10 Alice 11 slight 12 adherent 14 signature 15 mouse 17 apple 18 thundered 20 Cheshire 23 fables 24 alarm 25 impatient 27 caterpillar 28 tip
1 cheeses 2 turning up 3 March hare 4 dor 5 Tweedledum 6 trace 7 olive 8 spectre 13 bus termini 15 mad hatter 16 unruliest 17 archaic 19 desktop 21 exact 22 homer 26 pal
The prize will be awarded at the April monthly meeting.

U3A Painting for Fun Group News

We are putting on our second painting exhibitio
On Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th MAY
At Pembury Baptist Church in Romford Road
From 10am to 5pm each day.
Free tea/coffee and cakes will be served.
Cards will be on sale too.

All the painting groups continue to meet twice a month. We have extended our painting from just watercolour to include pastels, pen and ink, acrylic as well as mixing them up to experiment.

The groups also paint outside in the summer.

Janet Richardson

U3A SE Summer School 2019

Documents giving full details of the 2019 Summer School at Chichester University have now been published by the U3A SE Network and can be viewed and downloaded using the links below.

If you require any further details please contact Roger Gardner
Email or Tel. 01892 823811

Holiday Italian

The Italian group are offering to share their expertise by planning five sessions from January to March 2019 on the topic of ‘Holiday Italian’. These are aimed at those who may be planning a holiday next year and would like some encouragement about how to ask for a beer or a coffee or where the loo is? Or maybe some who would like to give learning Italian a try in a supportive and friendly environment. Participants would join the twice monthly sessions on Thursdays, each of which would be focused on a topic useful for travelers at a basic level.

Answers for the March crossword


  1. blossom   5. catkins   9. sold out   10. Chicago   11. lighter   13. trident   14. buds  15. antithesis  18. three clubs   20 lamb   22. high tea  23. recalls   26. avarice       27. primula  28. designs   29. takes in


  1. basil  2. obliged  3. scout  4. mat  5. cocktail bar   6. twilight  7. in a mess  8. shoot  12. ringleaders  14. bat  16. sob  17. nestling  19. ragbags  21. alliums  22. heard  24. chick  25. spawn  27. pat

New Research Guide

The Third Age Trust have issued a new 28 page guide entitled ‘Getting Involved in Research’. The Guide aims to encourage U3A members to get involved in research and provides the basic guidelines on developing a research project. To further demonstrate the interest in research we are directed to projects already in the National Research Database at

In the same vein, the South East Region Research meting will be held on 5th July at the Royal Holloway University of London in Egham. Cost £5. Places can be booked online or by calling 0208 4666139.